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Why should I steam my Yoni?

Because neglect is NOT an option! We take time to pamper ourselves with facials, massages, even mani/pedis, however the very essence of who we are is often neglected. Vaginal steaming may sound crazy or old fashioned, but the fact remains that it is also considered to be deeply nourishing, healing and relaxing. Cleanse your self from the inside out. Pamper your Yoni. You deserve it!

What exactly is a "Peristeam"?

Peristeam Hydrotherapy is the clinical term for a Yoni Steam. (Yoni means sacred place, vulva, vagina & womb.) The Yoni steam is a natural, holistic approach to detoxing the uterus or womb. It is a form of hydrotherapy that infuses herbs into a steam bath which you sit over and as you relax, the mist rises to cleanse your vagina, cervix and uterus via the steam vapors.

How does Peristeam work?

By applying a heat & moisture mix (aka 'steam') to the Yoni, the steam carries the medicinal vapors from the herbs into the Yoni. The warmth of the mist increases circulation causing the Yoni to enlarge and expose the labial mucus membrances. These tissues are very porous & absorbent thus allowing the bloodstream to pick up the medicinal oils & carry them to the reproductive system.  This is where the vapors cleanse and release build up on the uterus lining ( . 

Who should NOT Peristeam?

There are many situations in which Peristeam Hydrotherapy would not be safe. This is why it is imperative that you (1) receive clearance from your medical provider and (2) have a thorough one-on-one intake session with an esteemed member of the Pink Orchid team.  Some issues that may prevent you from being able to steam would be pregnancy, have an IUD, have an active infection or inflammation and various others. 

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